The Creator Dashboard Notion Template

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Introducing "The Creator Dashboard," the ultimate tool for content creators, providing a centralised hub to streamline video projects and live streams. It includes a main dashboard, databases for sponsorships and tasks, collaboration tracking, game directory, and content templates—all aimed at keeping you organised and focused on creating excellent content.

Key Features:

  • Centralised Hub: Access all your creative needs in one place.
  • Task Management: Stay on top of deadlines with the master task list.
  • Sponsorship Tracking: Keep info on partnerships and brand collaborations in a dedicated database.
  • Collaboration Central: Easily manage and track collaborations with other creators.
  • Game Directory: Organise and overview the games or categories you stream in one location.
  • Content Templates: Simplify your content creation process with templates for various content forms.

"The Creator Dashboard" is your go-to solution for staying organised and focused on what matters

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Last updated Aug 23, 2023

Access to a powerful dashboard that streamlines all of your creative projects in one place:

A comprehensive master task list to track ongoing tasks across multiple projects
Databases to manage your ongoing sponsorships and partnerships with brands and companies, keeping all necessary information in one place
A people and collaborations database to easily keep track of other creators you play and create content with on a regular basis
A game library to track and fine-tune your production for live and VOD content, all in one place
Bespoke templates for all forms of content creation, including YouTube videos, shorts, live streams, podcasts, blog posts, and more
Easy access to important branding elements and links to common websites you frequently use for work
Fully customizable to suit your unique workflow and preferences
Regularly updated with new features and improvements based on user feedback and the creator's own workflow

The Creator Dashboard Notion Template

0 ratings
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